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Script of   " H e a r t "   (S01E17)

A lingering slow kiss. A decade and a half of regret in that kiss. Then... Will stops, pulls back an inch. Pauses. The World seems to hold it's breath. Will and Alicia's lips inches apart. Then Will whispers... but Alicia cuts him off, kissing him. And Will returns it, passionately. Nothing soft and Hallmark about this. Escalating. Then-- sanity rules.

Well you came to me, like a ray of lightSo suddenly, a beautiful surpriseMy universe alight, and it all seemed right

Well you came to me, like a ray of light
So suddenly, a beautiful surprise
My universe alight, and it all seemed right

   ❝ You have a good laugh. 
Will/Alicia making each other laugh/smile. 

Sometimes something happens and the world falls apart. Gravity drops out and you are left floating, untethered to your surroundings, separate in a way. Nothing makes sense anymore. The world doesn’t work in the way it’s supposed to and it may never function in that way again. Reality feels unreal, sounds reach you as if they are traveling through water. Nothing can touch you, because if it did, everything would fall to pieces.x

I am the Director of the U.S. Cyber Command and you will afford me the respect I deserve.